Digital Therapy FAQ

Have a question about The Egoscue Method's Digital Therapy? We have the answer. 

What is Digital Therapy?

Digital Therapy is one of our most common ways to deliver personalized postural therapy directly to you, from the comfort of your home. We combine video conferencing with our cutting-edge ePete technology to implement gentle corrective E-cises that will restore function and have you feeling better the same day!

What do I need for Digital Therapy?

A laptop with a built-in web camera or a smart phone is all it takes to meet with an Egoscue-Certified therapist today and deliver your therapy goals. We will meet via your preferred video conferencing platform, and typically that is either Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. In all cases, we utilize the ePete software—just as in the Clinics. 

How does it work?

For starters, it's the same therapy experience you receive in a Clinic. The therapist will discuss your concerns, assess your posture with ePete, uncover the root-cause of your pain, and then deliver a final and updated new E-cise menu via email, printable PDF, and the Egoscue client mobile app. After your session, your therapist will follow up to answer any of your questions and offer additional guidance leading to your next scheduled time.
Check out the Digital Therapy experience below!

Is it as effective as in-person therapy?

Yes, the results are the same. As a “no touch” therapy, Egoscue is able to provide you our full suite of services, whether you are meeting with a therapist in a clinic or remotely through Digital Therapy. Since there is a limited need for equipment, you aren’t missing out on anything by doing sessions from home. We are able to see your environment, assist you in proper set-up and completion of each exercise, and then measure the results to ensure you are on the right track.

How do I schedule?

Contact your current Therapist directly, call us today at 1-800-995-8434, or fill out the simple form on our Digital Therapy Page. One of our certified Egoscue therapists will contact you to get your session scheduled.


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