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Is How You Do Your Job Causing You Pain?

At the Seattle Study Club 25th Annual Symposium, you learned how The Egoscue Method can help bring posture back into balance and help you be the person you were meant to
be—pain free!

As a dentist, you spend most of your day sitting down with your back hunched, helping patients. You may think pain is just part of your job—but it's not. You can learn to manage pain, correct your posture, and live free so that you can work—and also enjoy the activities you love outside of work—longer.

Learn more about The Egoscue Method and how it can change your life. No matter where you live, we have therapy options to fit your schedule. Find a location near you.

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You heard Brian Bradley, Vice President, Brand Development and Special Programs of Egoscue, share how The Egoscue Method brings hope to those suffering from chronic pain, including dentists like you. Brian has spoken at more than 30 Seattle Study Club events in addition to fitness professionals, business owners, corporations, professional athletes, and schools. Now it's  your turn. Email Brian to book him for your next event.

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Pete Egoscue, founder of The Egoscue Method, has written several books on postural therapy to help treat chronic musculoskeletal pain attributed to overuse, injury, accidents, aging, and other conditions.

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chronic pain?

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