Is How You Do Your Job Causing You Pain?

Working in the dental profession, you spend most of your day hunched over, helping patients. Although there have been amazing improvements in office ergonomics, many times this is not good enough. You may think pain is just part of your job—but it's not. You can learn to eliminate pain, correct your posture, and live free so that you can work comfortably and enjoy the activities you love with your friends and family.

How Can Egoscue Help Your Practice?
Bring the Egoscue Method to your next event! Egoscue brings hope to those suffering from chronic pain, including dental professionals like you. How effective is The Egoscue Method? Over 94% of clients who engage with Egoscue report pain reduction or elimination of pain. Stanford and Harvard's pilot study showed a 41% reduction in self-reported low-back pain after just 4 visits.

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“Wellness is not the absence of pain…but the absence of limitation” -Pete Egoscue

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