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The Egoscue Method: Your Pain, Health & Performance Partner

Tony’s Secret to Eliminating Pain—Get Your Own Personalized Plan!

As a Platinum Partner, you have an uncommon passion for life, an unwavering commitment to personal and professional achievement, and an unstoppable resolve to rise above your laurels. Why let pain or postural dysfunction get in the way of any of that?

Tony has trusted The Egoscue Method for 25 years to keep him pain free so he can continue living the life he loves. We're here offering personalized therapy on site all week to help you identify the source of your pain—and give you exercises like the ones Tony does to put your body back into correct posture so you free yourself from that pain.

Pain free? The Egoscue Method can help you stay that way and improve your function to get more out of the activities you love, from snowboarding to golfing to hiking to whatever is your passion.

Come by for your personalized therapy session today and don't miss The Egoscue Method on stage too.

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If you weren't able to see us in Sun Valley at the PLAT event, it's not too late. You can get your Egoscue therapy in person at one of our clinics. Find a location near you and make an appointment today. Brian and the rest of the Egoscue-certified therapists will create a custom set of exercises tailored to your posture, pain, and/or performance needs and lifestyle. And of course they’ll answer any questions you have.

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Tony Does It: Get Egoscue Therapy From Anywhere

Maybe you're always traveling like Tony. He does his Egoscue therapy online, and you can too! Learn more about our digital therapy options. All you need is Skype or Facetime to put your body back into balance, eliminating the dysfunction that is causing your pain so you can live without limits.

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