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Feel Like a Kid Again! The PatchFitness Workout Put the Fun Back into Your Workout!

The Redesigned O'Course
PatchFitness is excited to announce the creation of Patch 2.0, the redesigned O'Course available through Egoscue University. The new Obstacle Course is 50% lighter, cheaper, and more durable than our previous version.

Often described as "Simple... Crazy... Fun" , the O' Course will help you you fall in love with working out again. The University is now taking orders to ship a course straight to you front door.

Thank you Honda Classic!
The Egoscue Foundation and Egoscue Palm Beach Gardens expresses our gratitude to the Honda Classic for allowing us to be a recipient charity of the tournament. As a result of our partnership with The Honda Classic, the Egoscue Foundation was able to raise approximately $30,000 in the "Birdies For Children" campaign. Funds generated will support the foundation's "Patch Project Initiative".

Our staff had such a great experience at the event this year and we are already working on our strategy to be one of the top fundraisers in next year's campaign. Egoscue Foundation placed in the top three charities and had the priviledge of hosting a booth on the final day of the Honda Classic, giving away over 3,000 promotional items featuring the Patch logo and the foundation website. It is an honor for us to be a part of such a prestigious event. Thank you Honda Classic for all you do for us and for the exposure you give to so many children's charities! See you next year!  

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