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The Stanford Study

Low-back pain is one of the most common and debilitating health issues in the United States, affecting nearly 80 percent of Americans and costing $100 billion annually, two-thirds of which comes from lost wages and productivity. 


The Egoscue Method (TEM), a specialized form of postural therapy that eliminates or mitigates chronic pain while increasing functional mobility, is part of a national Stanford/Harvard study designed to assess the efficacy of different treatments in reducing or ending low-back pain. The study is administered by The Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) at Stanford Medicine, and currently underway in four locations, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Nashville and Houston. 


A completed Pilot Study done by the same organization showed The Egoscue Method is effective in significantly reducing low-back pain, as demonstrated by participant-reported outcomes in reducing pain and disability while improving overall function. Specifically, the study showed a 41 percent reduction in low-back after just four sessions.


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