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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Photo of Johnny Pirruccello, Clinic Owner/Director at Egoscue Walnut Creek

Johnny Pirruccello

Clinic Owner/Director

Johnny has a bachelor's of science in kinesiology from San Francisco State University. He has always been fascinated by the body, but his particular passion is in sports performance and injury prevention. He came to Egoscue in 2009 with extensive experience in personal training and corrective exercise programming. Since then, he has been helping people use The Egoscue Method to rid themselves of pain and return to an active life.


Andrew Coleman

Due to lower back pain, I was limited in my ability to play sports that I had played for decades. When I did play, it typically took two days until I could walk straight again. It became so painful that I stopped playing altogether. After working with Johnny for about six weeks, my back is much better. I am actively playing all these sports again with only minor discomfort, which dissipates by the next day. I hope and believe that continuing the program for a bit longer will get me all the way back.

Ric Ya

The doctors prescribed me pills of 10 or more syllables. I refused to take them and decided to do The Egoscue Method instead. I'm so glad and happy I did. My back is much better than before.

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