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Meet the Team

Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Angi Campos

Clinic Director

Angi has been an Egoscue Therapist since 2006 and has a 16-year background in the pharmaceutical industry. Through The Egoscue Method, she was able to find relief from migraine headaches along with chronic neck and shoulder pain, and return to the activities she loves. As a result of her own personal successes, Angi decided to leave the medical industry and pursue her passion in helping others achieve a pain-free lifestyle.

Neil Oledan

Egoscue Therapist

Neil is a graduate of San Francisco State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise and Movement Sciences.  He has always had a passion for helping others and the Egoscue Method has given him the opportunity to provide his friends, family, and clients with the knowledge and tools to live a pain free lifestyle.  During his free time, Neil stays active by playing basketball and weightlifting.

Jiawei Wang

Exercise Therapist

Jiawei fell in love with the Egoscue Method during his Egoscue internship through San Francisco State University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise and Movement Sciences.

Prior to his internship, Jiawei was experiencing nerve pain in his shoulder which was exacerbated with certain weightlifting movements.   After receiving his first menu, he was able to lift pain free and this is when he decided to pursue a career as an Egoscue therapist where he’ll be able to share his knowledge with people to help prevent injury and recover from chronic pain.  

In Jiawei’s free time, he enjoys playing video games, and listening to K-pop music.



As of July 2021

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John Krajewski

I am a living example of how The Egoscue Method works. I had chronic lower back pain for years due to two car accidents. I thought I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. After working directly with Egoscue therapists and receiving an in-depth analysis and exercise menu, not only am I completely pain-free but also my curvature of my spine has improved.

Mark Liebman

Attention to detail and results come to mind when I think about The Egoscue Method. Whatever was happening with me, even when it would occasionally contradict her expectations, my therapist would take it all in stride. The results I have had have been quite good, where other physical therapy regimes and Pilates have not worked to relieve my pain as much.

Kim Bellisimo

When I first started working with Egoscue San Francisco, I was in severe pain and could hardly move. After doing a few triathlons and living a very active life, I herniated my lower disk. I tried physical therapy, body work, acupuncture, cranial sacral, herbs, the list goes on. Only after four sessions, I was out of severe pain and could start working out again. My body is still transforming. By doing the exercises everyday, I'm able to ride my bike, swim, and go to the gym. My therapist is so gifted at assessing my alignment and giving me exercises I respond to. I highly recommend The Method to everyone I know. This has transformed my life.

Marilyn Englander

I am planning a long bicycling tour in Italy in the fall ... and that is utterly amazing, because a year ago I could barely walk. When I first hobbled into the Egoscue clinic last February, I was convinced that a joyful lifetime of athletics had come to an abrupt end. Forty years of indulging in running marathons, long distance bike racing, competitive downhill skiing, competitive cross-country skiing, waterskiing, backpacking --- it all had caught up with me: my right hip was ground down to nothing and major surgery loomed. Depression cannot begin to express my state of mind. But here I am back at it again, and it's all because of Egoscue. From the first session, I was given highly personalized, insightful, attentive coaching and 24/7 support, first to alleviate pain before I had surgery, and then to shepherd me through rehabilitation. Along the way I have been educated about how to keep my body in balance, troubleshoot incipient problems and maintain strength and flexibility. Before discovering Egoscue, I had tried every therapy there is, including years of medically-supervised physical therapy, but nothing can compare to the brilliant, successful healing offered by the Egoscue Method. I now see a "second lifetime" of doing all the extreme activities I love. As long as I keep Egoscue in my arsenal, I feel bionic!

Shivani Bhalla

After months of neck ache I was fortunate to have met Angi at the Egoscue clinic in San Francisco in October 2018 who helped me from Day 1! I was concerned that when I returned home to Kenya - to my tent in Samburu -  I would struggle to keep up with the exercises and would not be able to FaceTime with Angi. But months later, I am excited to report Angi and I have “met” frequently online and she has been able to photograph my posture and continue to tailor my exercises. Mosquitoes, poor internet connections and the fact that I don’t have a solid wall (only a floppy tent wall!) have not stopped our sessions because Angi is superb and understanding of my situation here in the remote desert of northern Kenya. Thank you Angi and Egoscue for helping with my neck which is so so much better and for enabling me to continue with my work as a lion conservationist in northern Kenya.



For years you told me that I could access our appointments/reviews online.  I didn't see how that could possibly be as effective as in-person appointments,  I also was unsure of how I would manage the facetime or skype, as that too was an unknown to me.   Living 90 miles from San Francisco precluded me being able to get the frequent updates and tweaks I needed to keep my exercise routine meaningful and effective.  So twice a year I would make an appointment in San Francisco. 


With a little more persuasion, you finally convinced me to try the online class with you and I have to tell you, I am now a huge fan.  Not only do I save 90 minutes both ways, not to mention gas and time, but I've also discovered the online appointments to be very effective.


As a result, I am scheduling more regularly and keeping on top of my routine all by I-Pad, while feeling better than ever.  Please tell your other patients that if a 70 year old can do it, they can too.

Thank you for keeping me flexible, balanced and strong.

Jeaneen O'Donnell

Approximately 12 years ago I went to the Egoscue clinic in San Francisco as a last resort after being told that I was going to need back surgery. I was in horrible pain during my appointment and I was assured that I might be able to avoid surgery. I felt so relieved. I continued to going to regular sessions and eventually my back got stronger to the point where I finally didn't have pain. It was terrific. 


A year ago I went back to Egoscue for knee pain from a previous replacement. My doctor recommended another surgery, this time on the top portion of my knee. With Angi's help the pain in my knee is finally subsiding.


About a month ago I fell on Third Street walking to SF MOMA. I was distracted and not paying attention to where I was walking. I tripped, fell, got a concussion, fractured the bone above my eye, below my eye and fractured the bone on the side of my nose.  It all happened so quickly; thankfully I am feeling much better. I’m in my 70's (although I feel like I’m in my 50’s most of the time) and realizing that I’d like help with my balance and this is where Egoscue can help.  They provide an amazing environment where I can work towards my goals of maintaining good balance, traveling, playing golf, and playing with my 5 year old grandson for as long as I am able to do so.  With the results I have experienced I highly recommend Egoscue to everyone!

Douglas Marin

My experience with Egoscue Clinic San Francisco has been nothing but exemplary. I am from the Bay Area but I have been in China for many years now and a friend recommended Egoscue to me as they do online therapy as well as in person. Although I am thousands of miles apart from the clinic I have found the experience to be life changing for the better! My therapist, Angi, is professional, courteous, gives 1000% to my needs and is always a step ahead in determining the next course of action for my specific therapy. I noticed a positive difference in my posture and structure from the first session and have found steady improvement from week to week. I am more than halfway through my 8 week session package now and so far the results have been extremely helpful and continue to not only gradually fix my specific issues but also improve my overall quality of life. All this from online therapy! I highly recommend the Egoscue Method.

Candace Collette

I have had a great experience with Egoscue. My pain and issues are resolved to my satisfaction.  The staff have been very professional and pleasant.   I have gained knowledge and awareness from the sessions.  Kayla has been caring and genuinely interested in my progress.  She is responsive when I have questions in between sessions.   I am pleased and can recommend this practice.

Vishal Sharma

I've been working closely with Steven for few weeks. He is great. The whole process and method is wonderful. It helped me built a foundation. I feel healthier and aligned. Thank you guys.

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