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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Photo of Tim George, Owner/Director at Egoscue San Diego South

Tim George


Tim George began working at The Egoscue Method headquarters as a Postural Alignment Specialist in 2004. Tim has taught seminars and workshops internationally and across the USA educating diverse groups of fitness and health care practitioners about The Egoscue Method. He's also served as the director of the Egoscue Online Therapy Department. Tim has a science degree in exercise physiology, and a master's degree in athletic training from California State University, Chico.

Photo of Carrie Barlau, Exercise Therapist at Egoscue San Diego South

Carrie Barlau

Exercise Therapist

Similar to many Egoscue therapists, Carrie was introduced to The Method as a client with chronic pain. After reading Pain Free and just four visits with her therapist, she identified with The Method so much that she ended her career as a civil engineer and became a certified Posture Alignment Specialist. Carrie is also a certified personal trainer and has a background in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition.


Bill Johnson

Rodney Kawano

Duffy Randolph

I have wrestled with sciatic nerve pain for nearly 5 years.  My MD was completely useless, the best he could offer was either pain pills or back surgery. I respectfully declined his invitations.  A friend referred me to a chiropractor.  He was helpful, but never could truly resolve the pain - just improve the situation for awhile.   Then, I was fortunate that the owner of the GNC store in Rancho San Diego, showed me his well-worn copy of Pain Free Living.  He told me to really get rid of the pain, I needed to read the book and adopt the Egoscue method.


I read the book, but, really thought it best to get personal training - especially given that the clinics are based in San Diego. So, I set up an initial visit with Exercise Therapist Carrie Barlau, at the Egoscue Method office on Hotel Circle South.  Carrie has been great. She clearly explained the approach and methods and has coached me through the initial eight sessions, tailoring the exercises along the way.  She explained that this is not a "no pain - no gain" exercise regime.  It's just "no pain".  After the first session, I left the office feeling better than the best chiropractic session I have had.  And, after completing about half of my sessions, I am convinced that this is the only credible path to resolve the pain and regain posture and fitness. Thank you Carrie, you have done excellent work!

Jo Simoes

I had a major, serious  problem on my back. I spoke to several doctors and I didn’t like anything they had to say, not one of their solutions sounded healthy nor did they  promise acceptable results. A friend mentioned how Egoscue had ended her pain where years of medical treatments had failed. I decided to try it. I couldn’t carry my purse, I couldn’t twist around and grab something from the back seat of the car. Heck, I could barely get up from the floor on my first day at Egoscue. Two weeks later pain down 70%. Two months later ZERO pain so long as I kept doing my 1/2 hours per day exercise routine, a few months later and the results started to last. It’s been a year and a half since I started, in December I took 4 weeks off my routine and no pain. I tell everyone about this healthy, wholesome, and permanent  solution to muscle-skeletal issues.

Buzzy Packard

Coming into the clinic, I had severe lower back pain and spasms. I had tried two physical therapists, a chiropractor, and massage therapy, and since nothing was working, I was thinking about an operation. With the personal instruction given at Egoscue, my back pain has greatly subsided. The menus at each session are wonderful to work from because they are so thorough. After four months of work with The Egoscue Method, my back is still improving greatly and I can finally play tennis again!

Jim Packard

I came into the clinic with a bad back and problems with my right shoulder. I have found that The Egoscue Method is the only method that works to get and keep your body in alignment. I feel the continued work with Tim and the daily menus will ultimately get rid of the pain entirely. The pain in my back has already decreased by 75 percent and the shoulder pain by 50 percent!

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