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Meet the Team

Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Joan Adams

Clinic Director/Owner

As a young mother Joan loved to exercise. It served as her "me time” and helped her feel whole and healthy so she could take care of her family. But when she reached her early 30s, her everyday aches and pains increased tremendously even though her workouts felt really good. Assuming improper form during exercise was to blame, she went to school to learn about science. But her pain levels continuously increased, even as she learned different exercise methods.

In her late 40s, Joan received Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and knew from the moment she read the disclaimer that this experience was going to be different. She loved Pete’s belief (and still does) that “health care starts with personal responsibility” and that “any disclaimer suggesting otherwise does a great disservice.” She learned everything she could about The Method and opened the Philadelphia clinic in the fall of 2014. “I am consistently awed by the power of the human body and its ability to correct itself if given the right opportunity,” she says.

Fran Adams

Exercise Therapist

Fran has always had a special connection with people. This gift took him into a career as a tavern owner, where he deepened that ability to connect and developed a talent for listening. His own 30 year struggle with chronic pain led him to Egoscue, which changed his life! Fran and his wife Joan brought The Method to Philadelphia in 2014. Fran has continued his Egoscue education and now holds his Advanced Exercise Therapist certification. 

Brittany Recupero

Exercise Therapist

Brittany has been the Egoscue of Philadelphia Social Media Manager since 2018. After reading articles, hearing the testimonials from clients and seeing all the life that was inside the clinic she decided to do a vlog “Healing from the Fall; My Fall from a Healthy lifestyle”. Brittany committed to a clean eating regiment and an Egoscue Menu everyday. During that experience, she realized the power of The Method in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Brittany is excited to share with clients her knowledge to respect and heal their bodies for a fuller, richer life! 


Brian Rossiter

I suffered from carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes. My head jutted forward and my back slouched. I found out that my right shoulder rounded forward and slumped, and my right hip tilted forward. Over several months of doing my menu, I was able to correct my posture, regain function, strengthen my body, and ease my mind. I continue to practice my E-cises along with bodyweight exercises and other forms of activity daily. At 37, I'm just getting warmed up and feel younger and stronger all the time.


When I injured my back, the MRI showed a severely herniated disk. I was advised to visit a pain doctor who would help me make it to the inevitable back surgery. I was barely able to walk and sleeping through the night was a challenge. At my first Egoscue Philadelphia visit, I struggled to make it from the car to the clinic. Once inside, Fran put me at ease and focused on E-cises that reduced the pain. Within a few weeks, I could cope and within four months, I had completely recovered. My back is stronger and more flexible than any time in the past 20 years.

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