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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Pamela Netuschil

Clinic Owner

Dr. Pamela Netuschil’s unique views on health and wellness have always led her to thinking outside of the box. Over her 25 years as a practicing physician, she has seen thousands of patients who have experienced chronic pain symptoms. These patients tried physical therapy, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractor adjustments, and other treatments. Although they found temporary relief, they never experienced the lasting effects they were seeking. The frustration mounted as she watched patients try and try again with minimal results. While at a conference in San Jose, Dr. Netuschil saw before-and-after photos of clients similar to her patients that had dramatic results utilizing The Egoscue Method. "Egoscue?" she asked. "What is it?" After investigating and visiting the clinic in Del Mar, CA, she decided that Egoscue is the real deal and began sending her patients to the closest clinic in Walnut Creek, CA.
"The stories of people transforming their lives are remarkable," Dr. Netuschil says. "We are extremely excited to help the people of Reno eliminate the annoying pain that disrupts their lives and help them return back to the things they love to do!"

Rina Netuschil-Matkulak

Owner/ Exercise Therapist

Rina Netuschi-Matkulak has been passionate about helping people since the age of 18. Currently a Registered Nurse and holding certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine, an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and an Advanced Exercise Therapist certification from The Egoscue Institute, she continually seeks out ways to positively impact her client and patients’ lives. Rina knows the power of postural alignment and correcting joint position. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both of her knees, which was validated by bone changes on an X-ray, she began her journey towards correcting the underlying issues, her posture, and position. With utilizing functional movements, she was able to regain the full range of motion back in both knees and continues to live pain-free today. After being introduced to Egoscue she began implementing some basic Egoscue e-cises with her clients and immediately witnessed incredible results. One, in particular, cried because she hadn’t had any pain relief for months. “It just made sense, was so logical, and treated the ‘whole’ person,” Rina said. “I was hooked!”  After years of seeing patients day-after-day in physical pain, she was feeling frustrated knowing that Egoscue could help but there was not a clinic in her area. Her tremendous care and commitment for her patients has motivated her and her sister to open their own Egoscue clinic in Reno.

While not at the clinic you can find Rina snorkeling in the ocean, bike-riding, running, playing tennis, or spending time with her husband John, their 3 amazing children, and 4 adorable grandchildren. Rina is excited to utilize her extensive experience to guide clients to a long life of pain-free living!


Kathy Mulherin

Clinic Director

Kathy Mulherin has a true passion for helping people heal their bodies. Originally from San Diego, CA, she received her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology from Chapman University in Orange, CA.  Her foundation of sports medicine and biomechanics led her to find Pete Egoscue.  Kathy worked as an Egoscue Therapist in the Headquarters under Pete Egoscue from 2000-2002. She owned her own Egoscue Franchise for 7 years in Atlanta, GA, and has also been an independent  Egoscue Affiliate. Kathy recently moved to Reno, NV to be closer to her family in Reno and Tahoe and join Egoscue Reno as Clinic Director. As a 20 year Egoscue therapist, she is excited to make an impact in the Reno community to enhance health and wellness to a new level.  

Fun facts about Kathy: 

- In her free time, Kathy loves to travel!  So far she’s been to Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, Italy, Mexico, Ireland and across the US. She has a full list yet to go and is open to suggestions!

- She loves to play soccer (played high school, club, college, indoor, and co-ed)

- She taught English in Japan for a year

Tom McGuire

Exercise Therapist

Tom earned his Teaching Degree in psychology and physical education with a coaching emphasis from the University of Northern Colorado. He then moved to Alaska and worked in the oil well drilling business for 34 years. After retirement, Tom started his second career as a personal trainer. While coaching, he was also a part of the Integrative Medicine Team at the Alaska Cancer Treatment Center in Anchorage, teaching Qigong, Tai Chi, and balance skills to cancer patients. He is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Cancer Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, and holds certifications with the Functional Aging Institute as a Functional Aging Specialist and Brain Health Coach, working with clients that have dementia. After retiring, Tom and his wife moved to Reno. While coaching, he discovered The Egoscue Method, and he started using the exercises with his clients with incredible success. Tom has also been able to ease his own decades-long struggles with shoulder, knee, and back pain from his active lifestyle going all the way back to high school and college football injuries. Now a Member of the Egoscue Reno Clinic, Tom works with clients to correct their posture and mitigate pain.


Group Consultation

Wednesday, March 18th at 5pm

Learn how The Egoscue Method can help you improve your posture and eliminate chronic pain. To feel better, you need to focus on the source of your pain, which is why our therapists will take you through a hands-on presentation and even provide you with your individual posture score!

All new Egoscue clients who attend are eligible for 15% off their 8 or 16 visit package! Already a client? Forward this email to family & friends!

WHERE: Egoscue Reno, 609 Sierra Rose Dr, Ste 2, Reno, NV 89511


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