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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Pamela Netuschil

Clinic Owner

Dr. Pamela Netuschil’s unique views on health and wellness have always led her to thinking outside of the box. Over her 25 years as a practicing physician, she has seen thousands of patients who have experienced chronic pain symptoms. These patients tried physical therapy, surgery, acupuncture, chiropractor adjustments, and other treatments. Although they found temporary relief, they never experienced the lasting effects they were seeking. The frustration mounted as she watched patients try and try again with minimal results. While at a conference in San Jose, Dr. Netuschil saw before-and-after photos of clients similar to her patients that had dramatic results utilizing The Egoscue Method. "Egoscue?" she asked. "What is it?" After investigating and visiting the clinic in Del Mar, CA, she decided that Egoscue is the real deal and began sending her patients to the closest clinic in Walnut Creek, CA.
"The stories of people transforming their lives are remarkable," Dr. Netuschil says. "We are extremely excited to help the people of Reno eliminate the annoying pain that disrupts their lives and help them return back to the things they love to do!"

Rina Netuschil-Matkulak

Owner/ Exercise Therapist

Rina Netuschi-Matkulak has been passionate about helping people since the age of 18. Currently a Registered Nurse and holding certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine, an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and an Advanced Exercise Therapist certification from The Egoscue Institute, she continually seeks out ways to positively impact her client and patients’ lives. Rina knows the power of postural alignment and correcting joint position. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both of her knees, which was validated by bone changes on an X-ray, she began her journey towards correcting the underlying issues, her posture, and position. With utilizing functional movements, she was able to regain the full range of motion back in both knees and continues to live pain-free today. After being introduced to Egoscue she began implementing some basic Egoscue e-cises with her clients and immediately witnessed incredible results. One, in particular, cried because she hadn’t had any pain relief for months. “It just made sense, was so logical, and treated the ‘whole’ person,” Rina said. “I was hooked!”  After years of seeing patients day-after-day in physical pain, she was feeling frustrated knowing that Egoscue could help but there was not a clinic in her area. Her tremendous care and commitment for her patients has motivated her and her sister to open their own Egoscue clinic in Reno.

While not at the clinic you can find Rina snorkeling in the ocean, bike-riding, running, playing tennis, or spending time with her husband John, their 3 amazing children, and 4 adorable grandchildren. Rina is excited to utilize her extensive experience to guide clients to a long life of pain-free living!


Kathy Mulherin

Clinic Director

Kathy Mulherin has a true passion for helping people heal their bodies. Originally from San Diego, CA, she received her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology from Chapman University in Orange, CA.  Her foundation of sports medicine and biomechanics led her to find Pete Egoscue.  Kathy worked as an Egoscue Therapist in the Headquarters under Pete Egoscue from 2000-2002. She owned her own Egoscue Franchise for 7 years in Atlanta, GA, and has also been an independent  Egoscue Affiliate. Kathy recently moved to Reno, NV to be closer to her family in Reno and Tahoe and join Egoscue Reno as Clinic Director. As a 20 year Egoscue therapist, she is excited to make an impact in the Reno community to enhance health and wellness to a new level.  

Fun facts about Kathy: 

- In her free time, Kathy loves to travel!  So far she’s been to Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, Italy, Mexico, Ireland and across the US. She has a full list yet to go and is open to suggestions!

- She loves to play soccer (played high school, club, college, indoor, and co-ed)

- She taught English in Japan for a year


Lisa N.

"Thank you, I can walk again without pain in my hips. I'm enjoying the things I love to do, and the exercises have changed my life." 

Ken D.

"Dad, you're getting fat!" my shocked 6-year-old son announced to his also shocked 30-year-old father. Thus began a daily regimen with free weights and jogging. At 69, that regimen continues but rowing instead of jogging. Despite decades of physical activity, my knee and hip joints had begun "talking" to me. Equally disturbing , several friends were struggling to rise up out of a chair or get out of the car, and others had undergone back surgery, with less than optimum results. A testimonial article came to light talking about the beneficial result of the Egoscue Method. Intrigued, I bought the book mentioned. The author made sense, and made sense of my pain. Despite the considerable merits of the book, attempts to implement the strategy convinced me that it was essential to work with a trained therapist. Surprised to find a clinic in Reno, I enlisted the coaching of Kathy Mulherin. After several months of therapy, my knee and hip joints have gone quiet. Instead, there is now just Kathy's voice in my head encouraging me to "keep up the good work." If you have not already done so, I encourage you to engage with Egoscue. 


"The Egoscue Method is amazing. It has greatly increased my flexibility and balance. It has straightened my hips. I highly recommend this method to anyone with any joint or back pain. I wish I would have known about this method years ago. Kathy is an amazing instructor and fun to work with."

Chad M.

"Egoscue helped my knees!"
I was referred to Kathy by a friend of mine as we were discussing pain I'd been having for years in my knees. After dozens of trips to doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists over the years with no results, Kathy was able to eliminate my knee pain in 7 weeks by changing my posture through concentrated stretching and alignment techniques. I am 100% pain free now. Kathy is extremely professional, caring and thoughtful in dealing with her clients. I wish I would have found her years ago!"

Brandon S.

"Kathy literally changed my life. After years of back pain, with no relief from chiropractic, massage, and other therapies, I was convinced surgery was my only option. Egoscue's therapeutic method not only got me back to 100%, it gave me the tools necessary to keep my body healthy and strong for years to come.”



I am a working artist who needs to physically carry objects up and down stairs as well as hang shows, which takes lifting and stretching movement. I had pain in my left leg from my hip to my foot and was unable to climb stairs without “double stepping” and had difficulty doing the work I needed to do to show my work. The pain came at night interrupting sleep. Egoscue has alleviated the pain and has allowed me to climb the stairs to my upstairs studio carrying heavy artwork! Thank you, Egoscue (and Kathy) for making me pain-free! Egoscue has become a part of my daily routine to keep my body young.

Jim P.


I could not recommend this more highly. I am a 68 year old male in good health, but suffered from what I thought was the inevitable muscle, joint, hip and back pain of growing older. Nearly a year ago, I reached a point where the discomfort became too much. (popping its of advil) Typically I would go to medical doctors when I reached this point in the past, and rarely if ever found relief. I had read about egoscue and thought it made sense so I tried it.  Some 9 months later, I am essentially pain free. I am walking taller, more balanced; can stand longer, walk farther.  I am also someone who does not like exercise.  The egoscue "exercises" which are more like therapeutic yoga, are wonderful. The person I worked with, Kathy Mulherin the Clinic Director, is wonderful, caring, and attentive to one's age and abilities.  And the best thing is, the goal of egoscue is to get you to the point where you don't need to keep going back.  Once your body is "aligned" you can keep doing exercises yourself, and if you wish, check in occasionally for maintenance.

Try it if your body hurts. There is no sales job, or hard sell - a very comfortable and welcoming environment and staff.

Jennifer R.


Think physical therapy workout that you do with a trainer and then continue to practice at home. I feel like I can always improve my posture and core strength so that's why I started attending. Ironically, recently...I hurt myself sleeping... who knows?!? But, Egoscue stretches helped me get back on track. I heard positive stories from other patients that had chronic pain in their knees and backs and this form of therapeutic exercise has really made a difference. I look forward to continue taking care of myself to get even stronger and healthier.

V. A. F.


Two years ago I was shuffling from place to place with a cane, and very little hope of improvement - due to my age. After eight sessions, and a life long commitment to the Egoscue way of life, I am walking with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Timothy K.


I was really messed up there for a while; crashed on my dirt bike. I was so stiff and achy...all the time. Had real difficulty putting on my shoes, socks and pants. I had to do something!

I went to Egosque of Reno and worked with Kathy Mulherin. She was wonderful.

I started the program, went to ten sessions, and took what I learned with me.

I'm so much better now! It really made a difference in my life.

I continue with the exercises, and don't plan on stopping.

Cj A.


This is a 5 star program! I am so grateful to have been introduced to Egoscue and to find a facility in Reno. My posture, my walking and my strength has greatly improved. Learning the correct way to exercise and to be able to do them at home between my once a week sessions with my trainer, Kathy, will benefit me for life. Kathy is sensitive to my needs, listens, is a positive influence and adjusts my program to fit my current needs. I no longer have chronic back or knee pains and my orthopedic surgeon said that continuing to do these exercises and staying active, I could avoid a bilateral knee replacement surgery. Avoiding a bilateral knee replacement surgery is a "no brainer".  I also recently a had 3rd lumpectomy and Kathy has helped me with stretches. She gave me a pre-op program to prepare for surgery and a post-op program to help me with my healing. I am slowly able to raise my arm over my head and will continue with my full program once again at home. Thank you Kathy and Egoscue for this wonderful program. My whole body is on the road to full recovery.

Candy H.


I continue with my exercises on a daily basis! I'm pain free and want to stay that way!

Nickie H.

North Georgia

After an MRI diagnosis, I was dealing with the effects of Spinal Stenosis and Scoliosis; and it was becoming debilitating.  I needed help in learning how to remediate the conditions.

I began working with Kathy Mulherin in August, 2017, and met with her in her Atlanta area office for weekly  coaching sessions using the Egoscue method.  Ever since she  relocated to Nevada,  our coaching sessions are now conducted online in my home using Skype technology.

The results have been life changing.  My posture has improved, resulting in reduction of pain and increased mobility. Kathy’s extensive knowledge, patience, and diligent monitoring of my individual needs are all very important as we work as a team to achieve success. 

R. K.


This method is amazing. It was really a surprise that my son felt better after just one visit. I am sure he will play tennis better than before and this will definitely help him through his tennis journey.

Malinda P.


 After one year of plantar fasciitis foot pain and numerous podiatrist visits and unsuccessful treatments, I made an appointment at Egoscue of Reno to help alleviate the pain. I originally discovered the Egoscue treatment through Dr. Pamela Netuschil's monthly newsletter. I researched the Egoscue method and found that it had been known to treat plantar fasciitis.
     I completed eight Egoscue sessions with Kathy, and she literally changed my life! The therapy routines eliminated all of my foot pain. I can now get out of bed without limping while holding onto the side of the bed. In addition, I am able to get up out of a chair or even a car and not have excruciating pain after sitting for a period of time. Prior to my Egoscue treatments, I could not jog in place or do jumping jacks because of the pain. Now, my exercise routines include these particular exercises. Walking, whether for exercise or in general, was painful at times. Since my Egoscue treatments, as I mentioned above, my plantar fasciitis pain is eliminated!
    I enjoy and look forward to the therapy routines and still complete them at home.
    Kathy was truly professional and knowledgeable! I am truly grateful for her sense of humor and kindness as well! The entire Egoscue team at Egoscue of Reno is absolutely wonderful!!!

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