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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Photo of Shawn Taker, Owner at Egoscue Palm Beach Gardens

Shawn Taker


Shawn began his career in 2000 after graduating from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He went on to work in physical therapy, but few patients were finding the help they needed. Frustrated with what he was seeing, Shawn began searching for a better solution. In early 2001 he read The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion. In 2005 after implementing successful posture programs in a health club in Maine, Shawn moved to Florida to open an Egoscue Method clinic.

Photo of Jessalynn Taker, Office Manager at Egoscue Palm Beach Gardens

Jessalynn Taker

Exercise Therapist

With the help of The Egoscue Method, Jess began taking control of posture and found not only that her aches and pains were going away but that she was able to do more of the things she could do when she was younger. Jess has been a therapist since 2007.

Nathan Burke

Exercise Therapist

Nathan moved to Florida from Ohio. He graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, and after years of working as a personal trainer, he felt more called to help others through corrective exercise to help restore function, eliminate pain, and improve performance. Nathan has always had a focus on viewing the body as a whole and treating the entire structure, and The Egoscue Method allows him to connect with clients in new ways to help them become stronger in mind, body, and spirit.

K-Marie Drikos

Office Manager

K-Marie relocated to Palm Beach from the U.K. in 2019. She realized the power of The Egoscue Method after reading Pete Egoscue's Pain Free book. Helping others is her passion, and after taking action and addressing her own postural issues, she looks forward and is excited to share with clients her knowledge, and how they too can take back the control to increase function and eliminate chronic pain.



Over the years the increasing pain radiating from my back, sending electric shocks down to my toes, was not only debilitating and limiting to my work, but it robbed me of the ability to be included in my families activities. Having endured many medical procedures all aimed at relieving my chronic pain, I felt destined to follow in my parents footsteps. I watched them slowly deteriorate and was assured my future would be bleak. Then I was introduced to Egoscue. I was skeptical that exercise could do what doctors, surgeons and the drug industry had failed to deliver. The only thing that it took on my behalf was a small amount of time each day. The program was easy to follow, and so simple. The instruction clear, with guidance from the knowledgeable staff. I looked forwards to the sessions, feeling like I was in a different body when I walked out.  I highly recommend anyone who has suffered or is suffering from chronic pain to take the first steps on their journey with Egoscue toward a better quality of life.

Becky J.

My wake up call came when my orthopedic surgeon informed me that I was a future candidate for knee replacement surgery. To save my knees, I stopped playing competitive and social tennis and focused more on my golf until my back and shoulder pain ground that to a halt. My personal trainer referred me to Pain Free, which put me on the path to finding Egoscue Palm Beach Gardens and my pain-free life. I now visit once a month and am doing the little things pain free: getting in and out of my car, turning my head, turning doorknobs, standing easily after sitting for awhile, reaching and bending for items, the list goes on!

Darnell J.

My life has changed in a very positive way with The Egoscue Method. Before, I had a very noticeable limp on my left side. But with the stretching and mobility exercises, my mobility improved and the limp is very slight. My body alignment and posture are also better. I stand taller and my balance has improved. Egoscue has given me the tools, input, and knowledge to help slow down the natural aging process and allow me to do the things I have always done with less risk of injury, thus improving my quality of life.

Dianne C.

I injured my hip to a point where walking was an effort. Being a bit of a skeptic and listening to family telling me I should get a medical diagnosis, I hesitatingly agreed to an eight-session program with Shawn. Session one offered some relief. After a setback after session two and a slight adjustment to my menu, I was on my way to becoming truly pain free. The menu created for me has allowed me to return to my daily five-mile walk along the beach road.

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