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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Photo of Anu Lawrence, Clinic Owner/Director at Egoscue Boulder & Denver

Anu Lawrence

Clinic Owner/Director

Anu is an Advanced Exercise Therapist and Certified Instructor through Egoscue Institute. Having worked with Pete Egoscue and the senior therapists at the Egoscue Headquarters in San Diego, Anu is excited to share the benefits of The Method with the greater Rocky Mountain Region as the owner and director of the Boulder and Denver clinics.

Photo of Eric Tighe, Exercise Therapist at Egoscue Denver

Eric Tighe

Exercise Therapist

Eric enjoys the common sense, whole-body approach to health and happiness that The Egoscue Method provides. Seeing how chronic pain has affected close family and friends, Eric is passionate about helping others end their agony. He attended the University of Maryland where he received a bachelor of science in kinesiology with an honors citation. He also worked in a physical therapy office for two years, further expanding his knowledge of the human body and its movements.

Alexa Noll

Exercise Therapist

As a professional modern dancer, Alexa has always had a love for the body’s physicality and movement functions. In addition to her dance training, she has also taken courses on the movement analysis methods of the Alexander Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and the Feldenkrais method of movement. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, she moved to Denver to further her career as a Postural Therapist with Egoscue. One of her most appreciated aspects of The Egoscue Method is the attention to detail and quality time that is given to each client. The whole body approach that is used within this therapy technique offers a very practical and manageable journey to a pain free life. This reinforces her belief that with dedication and consistent practice, we can all grow as individuals and enjoy a healthy life.

Moving to Denver has enriched Alexa’s active lifestyle and love for adventure. In her free time, she enjoys many outdoor activities such as hiking the mountains, rock climbing, slack-lining, yoga and meditation, as well as spending time with loved ones.



I was scheduled for hip surgery. However, I have postponed the surgery indefinitely. After seven weeks of therapy and home exercises, my pain has moved from 8 on the pain scale to 2! My limping has almost entirely disappeared and I am able to walk longer distances each day without pain. I highly recommend The Egoscue Method, especially if you are having low back, hip, or knee issues! It has totally changed my thinking about what is causing my pain and what I can do about it.


In 2015, I was suffering from severe nerve pain from my low back down to my foot. I was unable to work, play, or sleep. I worried I would need to sell my dental practice and could never be the kind of wife, mom, or friend I wanted to be. The pain was taking over, I was becoming depressed and frustrated. After four months of daily E-cises, my pain significantly diminished. I am no longer held hostage by my back, and I am back to being comfortable with a greatly improved posture.


My life is very different than it was a year ago. I am sleeping at night. My health is extremely better. No more headaches and, more importantly, no neck surgery. I feel better and am stronger.

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