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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Photo of Michael Bellofatto, Senior Therapist at Egoscue Del Mar

Michael Bellofatto

Clinic Director

Michael holds a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology from Southern Connecticut State University. During the past 20 years, Michael has had the privilege of working alongside Pete Egoscue. As such, he has learned the tricks of the trade. Michael has helped thousands of clients become pain-free and resume the activities they love.

Sarah Nakamoto

Assistant Clinic Director

Sarah is from Massachusetts and moved to San Diego to soak up the sunshine many years ago.  She is an Egoscue-certified Postural Alignment Specialist and an ACSM-certified Personal Trainer. She's always been an athlete and has a passion for wellness and an active life. She enjoys swimming, running, hiking, and skiing, to name a few. As a scoliosis patient, she is committed to helping others get out of pain, enhance physical functionality, and quality of life—as she continues to do for herself.

Photo of Caroline Weber, Exercise Therapist at Egoscue Del Mar

Caroline Weber

Senior Exercise Therapist

Caroline is a therapist and an instructor at Egoscue Institute where she has trained hundreds of practitioners and employees. She's had the opportunity to travel to places such as Japan and London to teach the method and feels inspired by other people's willingness to help others.

Daren Weintraub

Exercise Therapist

Daren received his undergraduate degree from the University of California Berkeley. He found The Egoscue Method while he was looking for a solution to overcome his own debilitating chronic pain. He was so inspired by the method that he has made it his life mission to help others.

Tyler Moore

Exercise Therapist

Tyler's passion for health and fitness started as at a young age through his practice of Martial Arts. A couple of years ago, a friend gave him the book Pain Free to start his journey understanding The Egoscue Method. He was astonished with Pete’s story and the simplicity of The Method, so he dropped everything, packed up his car, and drove across the country from Alabama to Del Mar, CA. After spending 5 months at the clinic as an intern, he is now a Certified Egoscue therapist, ready to help everyone he can reach a greater quality of life. 

Brad Harris

Exercise Therapist

Brad was first introduced to The Egoscue Method through the books Pain Free and Health Through Motion by Pete Egoscue. After seeing how the exercises relieved his mother from back pain he wanted to learn more about how he could help others become pain free. After graduating he packed his car in Alabama and drove across country to the Egoscue headquarters in San Diego to immerse himself in The Method through an intensive internship program. Upon completion of the program Brad knew that he had found his home away from home at Egoscue and is excited to continue pursuing his passion for health and wellness.

Karly Bimson

Exercise Therapist

Karly earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from San Diego State University. After interning and gaining her certification as a Postural Alignment Specialist through the Egoscue Institute, she is excited to be a member of the Egoscue team. With a passion for health and past experiences with sports injuries, she strives to help people live a pain free and functional life.

Photo of Katie Graves, Enrollment Counselor at Egoscue Del Mar

Katie Graves

Enrollment Counselor

Katie Graves is the enrollment counselor at Egoscue Institute, where she shares her passion of health and wellness with students from all over the world. After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in kinesiology, Katie became certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist and Advanced Exercise Therapist through Egoscue Institute.


Group Consultation

Wednesday, November 6th at 5pm

Learn how The Egoscue Method can help improve your posture, eliminate chronic pain, and increase athletic performance or daily physical activities. To feel better, you need to focus on the source of your pain. Our therapists will take you through a full postural assessment process, provide you with your individual posture score, and give you answers to the root of your ongoing discomfort. Visit our Facebook page to RSVP to an event, call the clinic or email


Pain Free Clinic

Second Tuesday of every month

When trapped in chronic pain, it can seem like you'll never feel better and be able to love the life you want—especially if you've tried other therapies and drug-based treatments that only worked temporarily or not at all. While most chronic pain treatment methods only address symptoms or try to deaden or mask pain, Egoscue corrects the postural issues that are at the root of your ongoing discomfort. Thousands of people just like you have ditched the pills, found alternative to surgery, and finally feel better for good. Visit our Facebook page to RSVP to an event, call the clinic or email 


Dates through 2019:

- October 8th

- November 12th

- December 10th

PAS1 In-Person Seminar

December 10-11

What: This 2-day practical learning experience primarily focuses on recognizing posture deviations, understanding condition postures, understanding functional testing and the ability to input deviations into the ePete software system. Prior to attending, students need to complete EM201 - EM207.
When: December 10-11 (Tuesday-Wednesday) from 9 am to 4 pm
Where: Egoscue Corporate HQ, San Diego (Del Mar) Clinic: 12230 El Camino Real #110, San Diego, CA 92130

PAS2 In-Person Seminar

December 12-13

What: This 2-day practical learning experience primarily focuses on client connection, The Socratic Method, gait analysis, the thought process throughout a full therapy appointment, personalized menu generation, and setting up future visits for clients. Prior to attending, students need to complete EM201 - EM306.
When: December 12-13 (Thursday-Friday) from 9 am to 4 pm
Where: Egoscue Corporate HQ, San Diego (Del Mar) Clinic: 12230 El Camino Real #110, San Diego, CA 92130



The Egoscue Method has proven to be close to miraculous. From the very first session, I was 90-percent pain free, and this was followed by 100 percent the next day. So far each day is without pain. To me that is miraculous. I am now off the prednisone and reducing the dose of immunosuppressants!

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