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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Sarah Nakamoto

Clinic Director

Sarah is an Egoscue therapist and an ACSM-certified Personal Trainer. She's always been an athlete with a passion for wellness and an active life. She enjoys swimming, running, yoga, skiing and most recently, indoor rock climbing. As a scoliosis client, she is committed to helping others enhance their physical function and quality of life. Sarah grew up in Massachusetts and followed the sunshine to San Diego many years ago.  She spends her free time in the climbing gym, enjoying good red wine, cooking, reading, and adventures with her husband.

Connor Bedell

Exercise Therapist

Connor studied Exercise Science at the University of Iowa, the state he was raised in.  As a former baseball player, he underwent three elbow surgeries as a result of pitching. After seeing athletes use The Egoscue Method to eliminate their pain and get back to playing their sport, he was drawn to try it and was impressed with the results that he dedicated himself to learn it.  Connor enjoys golf and pickle ball, darts and following his favorite baseball teams.

Dominic Hovasse

Exercise Therapist

Dominic was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in San Diego. He earned a Political Science degree from Concordia University in Irvine, where he played collegiate basketball. Dominic is passionate about helping others get back to a pain free lifestyle. The sense of fulfillment he experiences in helping others is what brought him to The Egoscue Method. 
He currently coaches high school basketball and utilizes Egoscue with his players.  He’s also pursuing the Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  He loves live music, jiu jitsu, and hanging out at the beach. 

Kim Cresswell

Exercise Therapist

Kim is an Egoscue therapist and an ACE-certified Health Coach. She has always lead an active lifestyle with a passion for health & wellness. Starting her career as an Orthopaedic PA and eventually moving into preventive and anti-aging medicine. She discovered Egoscue when searching for answers for her own knee pain and she is committed to helping others enhance their physical function and quality of life. Kim has spent most of her life here in southern CA enjoying swimming, hiking, pilates, beach walks and adventurous travels such as trekking in Nepal and Peru or a safari in South Africa. She spends her free time at the beach, reading, brewing kombucha, or cooking.

Katie Graves

Enrollment Counselor

Katie Graves is the enrollment counselor at Egoscue Institute, where she shares her passion of health and wellness with students from all over the world. After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in kinesiology, Katie became certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist and Advanced Exercise Therapist through Egoscue Institute. 


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The Egoscue Method has proven to be close to miraculous. From the very first session, I was 90-percent pain free, and this was followed by 100 percent the next day. So far each day is without pain. To me that is miraculous. I am now off the prednisone and reducing the dose of immunosuppressants!

Paola Rodriguez Zuluaga

The EGOSCUE METHOD has changed my lifestyle taking it to the level that I always wanted after having several injuries seven years ago.  My injuries (Spondylolisthesis - lower back injury and bursitis) did not allowed me to go further in exercises that I wanted to do. I was frustrated and felt impotent after trying physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping, chiropractor and even stopped working out for a year but the pain was always present. I have been a very active woman since I was little. I have practiced sports my entire life and started crossfit 8 years ago. My plan was not to stop working out because it is part of my lifestyle routine but to be able to keep exercising without the pain or at least decrease the pain. My options were running out and my hope was diminishing every day. I tried a couple of Egoscue exercises at The Tony Robbins Event in Dallas Texas this past July and it was a life changing experience. My pain has been reduced by 90%. I can sleep all night long with little pain and the happiest part is that I have been able to increase the weight that I lift and perform exercises that I could not do before! It is such a great feeling. I do my stretches every single day with out exception and it has been the best three months after years and years of pain!!!!

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