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Photo of Anu Lawrence, Clinic Owner/Director at Egoscue Boulder & Denver

Anu Lawrence

Clinic Owner/Director

Anu is an Advanced Exercise Therapist and Certified Instructor through Egoscue Institute. Having worked with Pete Egoscue and the senior therapists at the Egoscue Headquarters in San Diego, Anu is excited to share the benefits of The Method with the greater Rocky Mountain Region as the owner and director of the Boulder and Denver clinics.


Lark Dunham

Nothing was working. Exercises and yoga resulted in more pain. Even simple things like sitting in a car or standing for more than a few minutes were misery. I felt I would have to give up running permanently. After starting my sessions with Egoscue, my optimism and hope grew week after week. The pain diminished, I felt stronger and more flexible, and I was able to return to running, something that is not just a hobby but that is intertwined in my identity. Egoscue works. It is not a quick fix, but for those willing to commit the time and energy, an active, pain-free life is achievable. I only wish I had discovered Egoscue earlier.

Chris and Don Best

We are so appreciative of your efforts to help us maintain our fitness. We were introduced to The Egoscue Method last summer and it has rapidly become an essential cog in our battle against Father Time. We are active seniors and have tried many ways to stay fit, including jogging, swimming, Pilates, yoga, and many other regimens. We feel that the Egoscue E-cises do a wonderful job to maintain a balance in our bodies. We are able to target specific areas and to adjust the program to our capabilities.


When I started with Egoscue, I had such severe pain in my upper back and right arm that I could not sleep in my bed, work at the computer, or do my favorite activities like bike riding and ballroom dancing. I had consulted orthopedic and neurosurgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and massage therapists, but my condition continued to worsen. After seven sessions at the Boulder Egoscue clinic and 10 weeks of doing the E-cises every morning, I am 99-percent pain free, and feel better than ever. I've been sleeping in my own bed for several weeks and can again work at the computer without pain. My posture is also greatly improved, which is helping with my ballroom dancing.

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