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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Photo of Matt Pidgeon, Exercise Therapist at Egoscue Boston

Matt Pidgeon

Clinic Director

Matt received a bachelor of science in athletic training from Springfield College and is a certified athletic trainer through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. Matt worked in the sports medicine and rehabilitation fields at the collegiate, high school, and clinical levels for several years before discovering Egoscue.

"I have a passion for helping people and thoroughly enjoy devoting my time and energy guiding clients to establish and supersede their goals. I wanted to find a true, immediate, and effective way to help clients become pain free, and I feel fortunate to have found that with Egoscue. By consistently doing the postural aligning E-cises, clients have the opportunity to become and stay pain free,” he says. Matt looks forward to working with clients as a team to help them alleviate their pain once and for all.


Photo of Lleia O'Meara, Exercise Therapist at Egoscue Boston

Lleia O'Meara

Exercise Therapist

Lleia graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor of science in kinesiology. While in school Lleia worked for the UMass Amherst Campus Recreation Center, where she enjoyed being immersed in a fitness environment and helping students and teachers lead more active lifestyles. After interning at multiple physical therapy locations, Lleia became interested in providing clients with a more long-term treatment plan by considering the body as one whole unit rather than simply focusing on pain symptoms alone. Egoscue has allowed her to attain this goal and help clients achieve long-term success, enabling them to live pain free.

Mike Ruzycky

Exercise Therapist

Mike received his bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from Bridgewater State University and his master's degree in Athletic Training from Texas State University where he worked as an Athletic Trainer with the football team. Mike has treated a wide range of athletes from middle school to the professional level in the states of Massachusetts, Texas and Washington.

Mike noticed a disconnect with the treatment plans he had learned in school and the lack of progress his athletes were making. While initially they would make progress, inevitably pain would return or injuries would occur. Having the ability to truly help people in the long term to heal and prevent injury/pain was extremely appealing to Mike. Having the knowledge and ability to find and treat the root cause of pain vs just the symptom has allowed Mike to provide the best care he can possible and allow people to live life to its fullest.


Karen Stueve

After years of suffering from chronic back pain, headaches, TMJ, and knee pain, I finally was able to get relief through The Egoscue Method. I can now say that I will not be a crippled old lady. Once I realized that I was holding myself rigid all the time and I started to "let go," the E-cises really started to work and the terrible upper-back pain that I had been suffering with for years finally went away!

Vic Sheldon

Honestly, I was a little skeptical of the entire process. However, I could not have been more impressed! From the first day watching Katie's assessment to my most recent appointment where they had me sweating doing what could be perceived as a "simple" exercise, I know The Egoscue Method is working. I can already see a difference in my running efficiency and can feel the menus working to make me stronger. I'm also tremendously more aware of what my body is doing and how it associates to my overall health.

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