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Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Rick Mathes

Clinic Owner/Director

Rick grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated from the University of Arizona where he met his wife, Theresa. Rick had experienced chronic, debilitating pain after a near-fatal auto accident. Doctors told him he would never run or play tennis again, despite 19 months of physical therapy six times per week. Then he discovered The Egoscue Method and began frequent seven-hour round-trip visits to the San Diego clinic. Miraculously, in less than one year, Rick's pain was gone, he was off all medications, and he was running and playing tennis again without pain. After experiencing how life-changing the benefits of Egoscue can be, he became a certified Postural Therapist and opened the first franchised clinic in Austin in 2003 with his wife.

Katie Philips

Exercise Therapist

Katie came to Egoscue-Austin through an Egoscue-trained personal trainer. At first she found The Method interesting and noticed that she felt better after doing her menu. Then she tore her ACL in her left knee during a Krav Maga sparring session. Her doctor said surgery was the best option, but after three months of doing her menu daily, she was back to 90 percent strength and mobility on that knee. A few months later, she was back to “before injury” strength and mobility. In fact, her knee and body were better than before. Her positive experience led her to pursue an Egosuce certification from Egoscue University.

Theresa Mathes

Exercise Therapist

In 1990, Theresa had a headache that would not go away. A brain MRI showed that she had a non-operable tumor in the pineal gland. The tumor wasn't growing, but she had to learn to live with the never-ending headache.

After recovering from an amniotic embolism with disseminated intravascular coagulation in 1992, she experienced some neck and shoulder pain in addition to the ever-present headache. Six years later, the neck pain became unbearable. After years of her doctor telling her that nothing serious could be wrong because she had not had a recent injury or accident, Theresa saw a new doctor. An MRI revealed three badly herniated discs in her neck and tears and perforations in her left shoulder. She was immediately referred to a pain management doctor and a neurosurgeon. After starting strong narcotics and muscle relaxants, she was stunned to find the pain was barely touched. Her husband, Rick, drove me the seven hour round trip to Egoscue San Diego.

The menu of exercises she was given helped a bit, encouraging her. Theresa continued her daily menu and medications, however, things got worse. An MRI three months later showed that five of the seven discs in her neck were herniated to the left, severely enough to bend and compress her spinal cord. Another test showed nerve damage as well. Doctors added facet injections, trigger point injections, OxyContin, and electronic muscle stimulation to her pain management program. Nothing made a dent in her pain. Because finding a comfortable position was impossible for more than 15 to 20 minutes, she wasn't sleeping any more than nine hours per week. The neurosurgeon called for an exploratory surgery, which lasted nine hours, rather than the called for 30 to 60 minutes.

Scar tissue from a clavicle break when Theresa was 10 had grown through her shoulder muscles, wrapping around her veins, arteries, brachial plexus, and ribs, and finally attached to the discs in her neck. At last, she had an explanation but feared the future. The neurosurgeon wanted to completely fuse her neck because the bending and compressing of her spine could sever her spinal cord, causing paralysis. Theresa asked for and was granted three months to consult with Egoscue in an attempt to keep her neck from being fused.

Now on full-time disability, Theresa met with her Egoscue therapist, who gave her three 30 to 60-minute menus to do daily followed by a 20-minute walk at the end of each. At first, there was no impact on her pain, but around the third or fourth day, she finally noticed a pain reduction during parts of her menus. A few days later, she also had relief for 15 to 30 minutes following her menus. Gradually, her muscles began to relax long enough to allow her to sleep three hours at a time and to be able to sit, stand, or walk for much longer periods.

The three-month milestone MRI showed that the discs, although still damaged, had begun their journey back into place. Her spinal cord was no longer in danger of being severed. After 18 months, all of the discs in her neck were back in place, showed no degeneration, and had normal height and hydration. However, this great news was followed by the very scary news that the supposedly stable tumor in the center of her head was suddenly no longer stable but was growing.

In July 2003, she underwent gamma knife radiation to blast the tumor. Immediately, she noticed that her headache was finally gone for the first time in 12 years. Unfortunately, at an annual "brain and neck MRI results" appointment, her neurosurgeon discovered that a previously known neck disc fragment was lodged in her spinal cord. To remove the disc fragment, a one-level cervical disc fusion was done in February 2005. Then four days later, Theresa was rear-ended while sitting in the passenger's seat of a car. Not only was the pain back but she was told shed needed to fuse the disc above the new fusion.

But this would have to wait, as the brain tumor was not gone and in fact had now grown so big that it had blasted through her pineal gland, both invading and wrapping around the brain stem. There was a chance she may not survive surgery this time, or not be herself after surgery. To everyone's shock, she was released from the hospital after six days, and did not need any rehab. Theresa believes that doing her Egoscue menus so faithfully re-aligned all of the discs and spinal canal so well and provided her every chance for this miraculous recovery.

Now she could focus back onto her neck and the pain from the car accident. During this surgery, her neurosurgeon removed the metal plate and screws from the previous fusion and fused the disc above it. When she woke up, she felt better, but after six months she was unable to run, swim, or even tolerate bumps in the road. She was told that x-rays and MRIs showed that the fusions were "solid”. Two years after the surgery, she had the same limitations, and the pain was back and worse, causing her to faint and vomit. Her neurosurgeon said, "I don't know what's wrong with you, but whatever it is, it's NOT surgical." After that, she bounced from doctor to doctor for three years. Finally she found a doctor who ordered a CT scan, which showed that the two "solid fusions" were not fused at all.

During an unrelated pain test, a tumor was discovered her my right thyroid. Theresa had it removed in June of 2008, but the tumor had invaded her esophagus to the point that it needed re-construction. After three months of recovery from that surgery, Theresa had the old hardware in her neck removed. Surgeons injected bone marrow into three disc spaces and wrapped with special plastic that would bond with her bone marrow to create new bone, and new hardware put in.

Theresa believes without a doubt that were it not for Egoscue, the results of her surgeries would have been far worse. “The Egoscue Method saved my entire neck from being fused. The doctors had made it clear that they believed such an outcome was impossible, but with Egoscue I defied convention,” she says. Although a dysfunctional posture was only one contributing factor to her pain, she is grateful to her medical experts as well as Pete Egoscue and his Method for her recovery.

Jenny Garcia

Exercise Therapist

Jenny graduated from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX with a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology. She saw an ad on Indeed for a job as an exercise therapist at the Egoscue Clinic of Austin. Jenny had never heard of Egoscue before and was curious what it was. After researching online and reading amazing reviews and testimonials, Jenny became intrigued and wanted to learn more, it seemed like magic! She came to the clinic for an interview and instantly felt “at home”. Jenny got the job and on her first day was taken through a full postural and functional assessment and given a menu to do daily. Jenny never told anyone at the clinic about the tightness and pain in her upper body. About 4 times a day for 7+ years, Jenny would twist and turn to pop her neck, shoulder and back to feel relief. After one week of doing her menu, Jenny realized the urge to pop her joints was gone, and so was the pain she’d experienced for years!  Jenny strongly believes in the power of the Method and is now living a pain-free life for the first time in years! She’s excited to share what she’s learned to help others live a life free of pain and limitation.


Elizabeth Ann Elliott

Before I went to Egoscue Clinic in Austin, I could not put my weight on my left knee or hip. As I gardened, I had to drag that leg behind me. I could not do the other things I loved to do: play with my grandchildren, go on walks, or do my work in my home. Now I can do the things I had not been able to for a long time. To say “I’m thankful” falls far short for the great help I’ve received.

Dara J.

When I first picked up the book Pain Free, I knew I was on to something. After two major accidents involving my neck, I was in a constant state of spasm on my left side and unable to hold my hands overhead. While the book was helping a little, I knew that I needed a customized plan due to my injuries to really make progress. I am now on my fourth menu, and not only has the pain drastically reduced almost to the point of being gone, I have regained much of the function I had lost due to the accidents. I continue to improve every day. The Egoscue Method has given me back my life!

Bob Knorr

Several years ago, I began suffering from chronic knee pain that forced me to stop running for the first time in over 30 years. A friend encouraged me to check out Egoscue. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Within just a few weeks, I was back to running five miles without pain. Since then, I've been able to run completely pain-free for the first time in my life.

Jennifer Chambers

Barbara Baker

Craig Casper

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