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Meet the Team

Egoscue Therapists have one goal in mind—to help you get back to the life you want to live! Let's arrange for a meeting and end your chronic pain.

Sally Murray

Clinic Owner/Director

Sally trained through The Egoscue Institute as a Postural Alignment Specialist in 2006. She then became an Accredited Exercise Therapist following her bachelor's degree in exercise science from Augusta State University.

Alice D'Agostine

Exercise Therapist

Alice’s interest in The Egoscue Method came from two places: her passion for finding ways to help people heal and improve their lives, and her desire to achieve these results through natural means. Alice is Postural Alignment Specialist-certified through Egoscue Institute.

Samantha Pickens

Exercise Therapist

My Egoscue journey began while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. Unsure of my next step, I choose to come to Egoscue for my internship because it treated peoples pain by focusing on the whole body to find the root cause of what was causing their pain or limitations, an idea no other therapy followed. After experiencing therapy myself and seeing the power of it in action I decided to become certified by the Egoscue Institute so I can have the power to help people too.

Calvin Murray


Calvin has been practicing The Egoscue Method since 2010. His passion for The Method led him to leave the financial industry and become certified as a Postural Alignment Specialist through the Egoscue Institute. Calvin’s goal is to increase the awareness and educate people about The Egoscue Method in Metro Atlanta. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys College Football, playing basketball and coaching his son’s various sports teams.


Troy Kemp

Mike Holbrook

Colby Grant


Julie Capaldi


Michael Murphy


Gary Christian


Pat Prince

I plan to continue the E-cises as long as I live. I have less pain and more freedom of motion, and I can tell a difference if I skip a day. I was told I was going to have knee replacement surgery, but since I have been doing the E-cises, the improvement has been significant.

Aaron Reynolds

I've been doing The Egoscue Method for a year. When I came to Egoscue, I was taking 2,800 mg of ibuprofen a day. Now I'm not taking any pain medication! I do my exercises every day and have no pain in my hip. It's exciting to be able to run after my grandchildren!

The Wagoners


We had done some of Pete Egoscue's exercises from his book purchased decades ago. After a serious car accident and help by Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists my wife was searching  for a program to strengthen her crooked body, return flexibility and give her a program for life. I came along and observed.  When Alice offered to do a photo of me and observe my posture and walking, I finally agreed.  What a shock!! Having been an athlete for most of my first 60 years, I was surprised at the change and decline in my flexibility. I went home with 10 exercises to do, 20 minutes a day. Am I glad I said yes!! At 72 I am improving daily.  


A month later, my Son asked what I was doing to improve my gait and posture. What a thrill when he began working with Alice. As a photographer and bicyclist, he wanted to see change too. The follow-up, video tools, attention to detail, caring, knowledge and improvements have made us lifers. Our Health is our Wealth. Isn't it worth coming once to see how you might benefit?

Kathy Reeder


Fitness was my life for over twenty years

until one day I had trouble keeping up with my peers.

My body changed and no one could determine why

several trips to the doctors, physicals and MRI’s.

Surgery was the only option I was told 

reluctantly, I followed the instructions not really being sold

Good news!  The discs are back in place and the doctor said

you should recover and be back in pace.

Weeks went by and my motor skills continue to diminish 

thought for sure, that I was finished.

Months later, unbearable pain set in, and I knew I was not out of the woods

Satan had me believing I was damaged goods.

My only option after weeks of therapy and chiropractic care 

was pain medicine which would make me dopey and impaired.

Determined to find a better way I prayed and asked God for guidance 

as I searched the internet for natural healing to take away my sadness.

I came across an article “The Egoscue Method” – seemed a little sketchy

reading further the method was simple E-cises and stretches.

I called the number and was transferred to the nearest clinic

Sam answered the phone, and I was convinced this was no gimmick. 

Set up my appointment and the day finally arrived when I

met my therapist that would ignite my drive.

Alice, was amazing and studied what was right for me 

took the time to talk, encourage, and said I would be pain free

Months went by and progress I started to see

but wait…a bump in the road, oh know this can’t be!

Alice and Pete Ecosgue quickly recognized the possible issue

so after permanent confirmation, Alice changed my menu.

Over two years in, I am pain free - doing my menu every day

thanks to The Egoscue Method natural healing, God’s way.

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