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Founded in 1998, the Egoscue Institute was initially created to teach health practitioners the value of postural therapy in treating people with chronic pain and immobility due to diminished function, and to help health care professionals improve their ability to help their clients.

The combination of postural therapy with other modalities—such as massage therapy, chiropractic, traditional physical therapy, and yoga—led to an increase in success for therapists in mitigating and eliminating chronic pain and in increasing functional mobility in clients.

The Egoscue Institute now offers certifications that allow those who complete our education to use The Method in their current practice, become a therapist in an Egoscue Clinic, or to own and operate a clinic.


The Egoscue Institute is dedicated to providing access and opportunity to anyone with a desire to learn The Egoscue Method of postural therapy.

Our Belief

Chronic pain and bodily dysfunction is often caused by the body being out of alignment. Our therapy gives the client the opportunity to put their body back in balance, eliminating the dysfunction and allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

Program Curriculum

Our program is designed to help students grow their skills so they have more to offer clients and can expand their business opportunities. The Institute provides advice on how best to integrate The Egoscue Method® into an existing therapy practice by connecting you with other health professionals and providing a hands-on practical application of postural therapy to a variety of clients.

How to Get Started

The Institute is committed to making the curriculum affordable, accessible, and specific to your interests and needs. Whether you want to take just one course or would like to experience a more diverse curriculum, we have the right program for you! Click here to review our course options. (See course descriptions for details, pre-requisites may apply.)

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Earn Continuing Education Credits or

Add a New Certification in Postural Therapy

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What Is Postural Therapy?

Postural therapy is a method of restoring the original functional design of the body, alleviating pain and allowing clients to adopt an active, pain-free lifestyle. Clients with chronic pain have typically tried other solutions focused on treating symptoms—from traditional physical therapy and drugs to surgery and other modalities—with little sustained success. At the Egoscue Institute, it’s our job to help change their focus from treating the site of the pain to treating the source of the pain.

What makes us different?

We at the Egoscue Institute believe that the site of pain is rarely the source of pain—the symptom is the effect, not the cause. Rather than focusing on the cause, we focus on the body’s posture and its ability to heal itself.

The Egoscue Institute will teach you how to use our proprietary software, called e-Pete, to assess postural dysfunction and to select gentle exercises that will correct the dysfunction.

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What can you look forward to after completing your coursework?

The Egoscue Institute will provide you with the knowledge to assist in relieving chronic pain through a series of gentle, corrective exercises. As a Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS), you will make a difference by preparing customized therapy programs, leading group fitness classes, working with professional athletes, creating corporate wellness programs, and more.
You’ll also gain:

1) Recognition: Set yourself apart from other professionals in your industry by being part of a group of passionate, hard-working professionals dedicated to helping clients live pain-free lives.

2) Confidence: You’ll always be in contact with experienced Egoscue Institute instructors during and after training, helping you thoroughly understand posture therapy and be able to successfully work with clients.

3) Growth: You’ll not only learn the tools needed to assist clients in eliminating pain and preventing further injury, you’ll also have the tools to successfully build your practice and create a thriving wellness program for clients all over the world.

What should you expect to do with a PAS certification?

1) Connection: By using our software and listening to your clients, you will empower each client to take control of their physical and emotional health, developing a much deeper client connection.

2) Understanding: Postural therapists are trained to view pain as a signal to be understood, not a symptom to be masked by meds or managed through invasive methods.

3) Solutions: The Egoscue Method identifies and corrects the dysfunction at the root cause of the symptom.

4) Referrals: With a 90 percent success rate, The Method gives therapists the tools they need to help get clients out of pain, which leads to word-of-mouth growth based on that success.

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