Meet Dr. Eric Brukwinski,  Chiropractor and Egoscue Method Postural Therapist.

Postural therapy has tremendously improved the lives of my massage clients. Bodywork quickly brings the body back to a 'zero' or balanced space, and postural therapy ensures it stays there. Performing posture therapy improves my clients' sleep as well as how they feel throughout the day. They experience pain relief in addition to improved posture, body awareness, proprioception, muscle reactivation, digestion, and overall quality of life.
With posture therapy, we have the ability to take clients through the entire healing process from injury and dysfunction to returning to their sport or activity. Because of this, our niche market has changed from the traditional relaxation massage to injury recovery and performance. We now work with some of the best athletes in their respective fields in the world. Our clients spread the word more effectively because of how involved they are in their care. They are accountable throughout the posture therapy process, which makes them feel important because we are giving them a better understanding of what their body is capable of doing. It has also helped increase the reach to the entire family. Some even have 'family posture therapy time' set aside every day.


"We are able to build trust, confidence, and credibility because our clients know we understand the underlying problem to their symptom, and we provide multiple disciplines to increase successful recovery. It also adds value that their bodies can heal themselves. There are times when the client's body is so hypersensitive that any kind of manipulation would be too much. With posture therapy, however, we have tools to still help them, even when they do not want to be touched." – Jason Prince


“After learning the Postural Alignment E-cises through the Egoscue Institute, I have seen many of these same clients learn how to fix themselves and eliminate or greatly reduce their pain and dysfunction. When I can educate a willing client and they can accept the responsibility for their bodies functional needs, it’s the most rewarding experience I have had in my 30 years of practice. Personally, I know that if it wasn’t for the Egoscue ecises that I do for myself, I would not be capable of doing the very physical job that I have and love at 50 years of age. I have no plans to quit helping those that need it. I’m so grateful to have a career that I love and is helping people in pain.” – Marta Olson


“I have been practicing Egoscue for 18 years and pursued a career in posture alignment as a massage therapist. Everyday I now get to work with clients to educate them on the importance of postural alignment and they are getting pain free. Together we get to see our world get better through total body health.” – Jane Sullivan