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Egoscue’s signature ePete 2.0 postural therapy application is a comprehensive, cloud-based, and significantly enhanced technology that allows health professionals to rapidly assess postural dysfunction, track client progression, and seamlessly deliver corrective exercise therapy programs directly to their customers. This dynamic software was fully updated in 2019 and is regularly enhanced with essential new features. The ePete software enables a more inclusive, one-on-one therapy experience by quickly targeting appropriate exercise selections with data-driven recommendations that allow therapists to spend more time with their clients and less time on the tech. And the software dramatically improves the client’s experience through a companion client-facing application (also new and updated in 2019) that allows customers to easily access and follow their menus wherever they are.

Cutting Edge Exercise Recommendations & User Experience

Through the use of artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms, ePete 2.0 will continually evolve, guaranteeing the most targeted postural exercise recommendations specific to each customer. Decades in the making, ePete 2.0 is regularly updated with innovative changes aimed at better serving your clients.

The ePete 2.0 Advantage

  • Analyze and document client posture photos
  • Document client history and improvements
  • Deliver a customized corrective exercise program
  • Differentiate yourself from your current professional network
  • Eliminate chronic pain in your community

Watch the ePete 2.0 Demo

Link to this video: 
Take a sneak-peek at the new and improved ePete 2.0! This short video will provide you with a look inside the signature software.

Easy & Accessible

Egoscue offers monthly and annual subscriptions to all Egoscue-certified practitioners. The annual subscription now saves you 20% every year!

ePete 2.0 is offered in two levels, Basic and Premium. See the comparison chart at the right to help you determine which level is right for you.

ePete2.0 is a Mac based software, compatible with MacOS High Sierra or later and iOS devices. 

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