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Ageless, Painless Tennis

Welcome to the Ageless, Painless Tennis page hosted by Egoscue

I hope you've enjoyed the book! 

I chose to pull these four particular routines from the book because each one, either individually or collectively, has the power to change your body, your game and your life.

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to follow and complete the exercises you'll find the pictures and instructions of each exercise. 

Pay close attention to your form and make sure you notice how you feel before and after doing the exercises so you can note the difference in your posture, pain, mobility and overall well being.

Have fun, good luck and I'll see you on the courts!

- David Smith

Functional Tests

These tests are designed to assess your joint range of motion and the function of your shoulders, hips and spine. The more functional you are the better you'll feel and the better you'll play! 

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Pre Tennis Routine

This routine is designed to prepare you to play your best tennis while reducing your chance of injury. The exercises will help you restore alignment and balance to all your muscles and joints before going on the court so you can bring out your best from the first point!

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Post Tennis Routine

The exercises in this routine will restore balance to your spinal muscles, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles after a rigorous day of playing. The goal is to help you recover faster and stay aligned so the next time you hit the courts you're rested and ready to go!

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Totally Balanced Tennis Routine

This menu of exercises is focused on balancing your whole body from head to toe while restoring much needed motion and function to your spine and all your major load-bearing joints. It addresses the most common imbalances seen in almost all tennis players (and in most non-tennis players too!). The goal is to help you restore total body alignment, reduce your chance of injuries, accelerate the healing of any current muscle and joint ailments, and give you the best chance of playing up to your highest potential! 

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