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Since 1971, Egoscue has been helping people 1-on-1 with chronic pain associated with balance and posture problems. Because we focus on posture and balance, your in-clinic visit will be an experience you won't soon forget. Your Egoscue Therapist is specifically trained to listen to your pain story, assist you in your exercises and help you realize that your body is designed to move freely without limitations.

No matter what mode of Egoscue Therapy you choose, you can expect to have open dialogue about your posture and pain symptoms, have direct contact with your attending Egoscue Therapist via email and phone, and continued active learning via www.egoscue.com. Remember, our goal is help you live a Pain Free lifestyle and sustain it in the long term.

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Single Visits-Try Us Out: $250 (per visit)
8 Visits: $1495
An investment in the one thing that will make a difference in your life today and well into the future.
(Individual usage and packaged for you to save over the per visit price)
16 Visits: $2495
This investment is our most commonly purchased therapy route. It allows you to save considerably over the per visit price and, if you choose, gives you the opportunity to share visits with friends & family.