Egoscue Portland, OR

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Congratulations on taking the initiative to living a pain free life!

The Egoscue Method® is a postural alignment therapy system comprised of a series of personalized stretches and movements designed to improve musculoskeletal function and eliminate pain; without drugs, without surgery, and without manipulation.

The Egoscue Method works by empowering individuals to tap into their body's ability to heal itself, and free themselves of chronic pain. Using simple movements and stretches, the Egoscue Method provides effective pain relief for chronic pain conditions such as: back, hip, knee, neck, and shoulder pain, herniated discs, plantar fasciitis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and a number of other ailments. We help people of all ages regardless of their condition, past history, or injuries.

Our Egoscue therapists will help you achieve a pain-free active lifestyle. Call today for more information, a complimentary consultation, or to schedule an appointment. Get started on your pain free journey today!

Egoscue Portland, OR
Egoscue Portland, OR
North Pacific Plaza Building
1675 SW Marlow Ave, Ste 310
Portland, OR 97225
Email: portland@egoscue.com
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am-6:00pm

Egoscue Portland, OR

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