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Egoscue FAQ's

How long will it take me to see/feel results?
I know it is hard to believe but the Egoscue Method has remarkable results right away. The very first day you do these simple to-do e-Cises you will feel a difference. Results will vary from client to client, and much of this is due to the frequency of the e-Cise menu. As you become more functional, your body will discover a new awareness and as long as the menu of e-Cises are done, you will continue to gain new posture improvements and function week by week, month by month, year by year.
What is the benefit of doing my menu on a daily basis?
"Only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep" is a quote from a Dentist that uses Egoscue to live Pain Free. This statement resonates with Egoscue as a company because our clients are educated about posture and believe that doing their menu of e-Cises everyday will save their bones, joints, muscles...etc...by supporting their alignment. Everything benefits!
Can I do one or two exercises in my program without doing the rest?
Yes and No...The Egoscue therapy process works very well when at least one time per day you get the e-Cises done in the order that is listed. After that, anytime during the day, you can trust your instincts and do any Egoscue e-Cise that feels good to you. Remember, you are part of the therapy process...
Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?
The Egoscue posture therapy equipment makes doing the e-Cises much easier than putting things together. Having said that, we have clients in over 85 countries and they have been making due with household items and furniture for over 40 years. If you have questions about what equipment you need, feel free to contact us at painfree@egoscue.com or at 800-995-8434.
Will my insurance cover this form of therapy?
Being the World Leader in Non-Medical Pain Relief, Egoscue is rarely considered covered under normal medical insurance plans. You may want to speak to your provider or employer as many companies utilize Egoscue for their employees as a benefit or covered by flex spending accounts.
Will I feel any soreness in other places around my body as my body begins to straighten up?
Define sore? Pain is not soreness...pain is pain! You may encounter what we call "muscle awakening" and should diminish the more times your menu is finished. Don't worry...it is completely normal and it is well worth it in the long run.
How long does it take to finish my therapy?
With a success rate of 94%, Egoscue and our competent Therapists pride themselves on assisting the client through the process...not too fast and not too slow. Remember, this is a process and usually takes 8-16 visits to get a hold of the postural dysfunction that has taken decades to show itself.
Can I still see my Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist as I go through the Egoscue Method process?
Egoscue can be used in conjunction with many different healing modalities. While other therapies often aren't needed, many clients choose to use their local health practitioner for assistance with the pain. We focus on Posture and have a "hands off" approach to helping you restore your body back to its original design. Our goal is to help you learn how to fix yourself!
Is Egoscue any different than taking a Pilates or yoga class?
You gotta experience it! Set up a consult and try it out! You will instantly see how different and simple Egoscue Therapy really is. Remember, we affect posture through these simple e-Cises...You make the decision...
How does your referral policy work?
Egoscue doesn't advertise and never has. With Clinics and Affiliates worldwide, the client's success is imperative to the growth of the Method. The Egoscue Therapists pride themselves on their delivery of education to the client so that there is a clear understanding as to "why" they are in pain.