The Eight Laws of Physical Health

9 May 2017, 2:21 pm
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I think we can all agree that the majority of laws are in place to protect us. For example, we have speed limits in place so that we drive safely, and we have to stop at red lights to ensure that we don't get in a wreck. Obviously, if we violate those laws, bad things can happen. At best, we'll get a ticket if caught violating. At worst, someone could get seriously injured, or worse yet, killed.

When it comes to the body, we have laws in place as well. Eight of them, actually. Pete Egoscue talks about them in his book, Pain Free. If you haven't read it yet, I would highly suggest you do. Not only does it go in-depth about the Eight Laws, but it gives you the Egoscue perspective on posture and pain. All of the chapters are divided up by symptoms--back pain, hip pain, neck pain, etc.--and include exercises to correct your posture and eliminate your pain. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of it!

But back to the topic at-hand. Regarding the Eight Laws, if you violate them you won't get a written citation, but you will get a "warning" of a different kind. At first, the violations may present themselves as low energy or poor health. Maybe you "crash" every afternoon, or perhaps you're sick a lot. Unfortunately, the longer you violate the laws, and the more laws you violate, the louder the "warning" gets. For those of you struggling with chronic pain, it's because you are violating multiple laws. There's a good chance you have violated the laws of Vertical Loading, Dynamic Tension, Motion, and Balance, just to name a few. Read through the Eight Laws below, and then go look in the mirror. Simply by looking in the mirror, you'll be able to determine if you are violating the laws of Vertical Loading, Dynamic Tension, Form and Function, Balance, and Breathing. Does your body pass the eye-test? For those of you with digestive issue, immune issue or reproductive issues, you are in violation of the law of Motion. For those who have a difficult time recovering from injuries or sickness, you may be in violation of the laws of Stimulus and Renewal.

So, are you ready? Let's take the test. Read through the following Eight Laws, and report back which ones you believe you're in violation of.

1. VERTICAL LOADING: Gravity is necessary for health. In order for gravity to exert a positive and dynamic influence on the body, the skeleton must be vertically aligned in its posture.

2. DYNAMIC TENSION: A state of constant tension exists between the front of the body and the back. The posterior portion is responsible for the erection of the body and the anterior is responsible for the flexion, or bending forward, of the body. Neither activity can be performed correctly and healthily without this action.

3. FORM AND FUNCTION: Bones do what muscles tell them to do. All skeletal motion is initiated by muscular activity.

4. BREATHING: The body will not function without oxygen. So essential is this law that the body has redundant systems to ensure compliance.

5. MOTION: All of the body's systems--digestive, circulatory, immune, and so on--are interrelated. The common thread that binds them together is movement. The faster the molecules of the body move, the higher the metabolic rate. The higher the metabolic rate, the healthier the human being. We are designed to run, jump, climb, fall, roll, and skip, not just for initial development but for continued health throughout our lives. If these activities hurt or cause pain, it is because we are violating some or all of the laws of health.

6. BALANCE: In order for the law of motion to be effective and true, the body must achieve balance, defined as muscle memory, sufficient to constantly return the body to the first law of vertical loading. For balance to occur, muscles must work in pairs and equally on the right and left sides of the body. Being left- or right-handed hinders this balance only when we violate the laws of motion.

7. STIMULUS: The body reacts to all stimuli twenty-four hours a day, regardless of the conscious state of health. Therefore, the law of motion constantly reinforces this law of stimulus. If motion is limited, the law of stimulus becomes stressful to the body. The body absorbs pollutants and irritants rather than deflecting them.

8. RENEWAL: The body is organic; therefore, it is in a constant state of growth and rebirth. Muscles, bones, nerves, connective tissues, cartilage, and the like are all alive. If the body is not renewing, it is because we are violating the laws of physical health. The more laws we violate, the faster we age and die.

Which laws resonated most with you? Are there ones that you know you definitely violate? Which ones do you feel you're not in violation of?

Remember, the more laws we violate, the faster we age and die. So, unfortunately, just like breaking the law and running a red light puts you at risk of death, so does violating the Eight Laws of Physical Health. But, remember that last law...Renewal? That's the cool thing about the body. Just because you may be violating a law (or multiple laws) right now doesn't mean you will be violating them forever. Your body can, and will, change. You simply have to apply the proper Stimulus (Law #7). Isn't it fascinating how all of the laws work together? The body is a pretty remarkable piece of machinery.

QUESTION: How many laws are you violating?

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# Over 75 2017-05-12 15:02
Pain in the Hip. Wish to AVOID replacement surgery. Bought all three books and am starting to work on PAIN and IMPROVEMENT - obeying the LAWS. I am so glad to have found the Egoscue resource -- I am trying to internalize the words about my personal responsibility. Grateful for all the Web material, as well as the books.
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# John 2017-05-15 20:16
We're glad you found us, too! Let me know if you have any questions as you work through the books! You can email me at .

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