Sciatica: What a Pain in the Butt!

14 February 2017, 12:00 am
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The pain, the searing, and the burning. The electric shockwaves that run down your butt and legs. The inability to get comfortable.

Sound familiar? I'm sure it does for many of you reading this today. Those are the symptoms of Sciatic nerve pain. Sciatica takes on many shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain: It hurts!

Sciatic nerve pain can be incredibly painful. I've dealt with it. My wife has dealt with it. Multiple friends and family members have dealt with it. Unfortunately, sciatica is one of those pains that you just can't "push" through. But you also can't "rest" it away, either. You have to work it away but within the framework of what your body is willing and able to give you.

If you want to know why you have sciatica, we have to start with the pelvis. While many of you have pain on the back side of the pelvis (low back, gluteal muscles, tops of the hamstring), we at Egoscue believe that rarely is the site of the pain the source of the pain. We know that the sciatic nerve and the pelvis are in close proximity of each other, and one could make the arguement that is an exception to that rule. But, even though the sciatic nerve and glute muscles are close to one another, neither is the true cause of the pain.

At its root, sciatica is caused by a misaligned pelvis. Your sciatic nerve runs through what is called the sciatic notch, and as the pelvis tilts down (anterior/bellybutton toward the ground) or up (posterior/bellybutton toward the chin), the designed position of the pelvis is lost. As the pelvis moves farther away from the design blueprint the sciatic nerve becomes compromised. Think of it like a kink in a garden hose. Notice the U-shaped cutout in the pelvis? That's the sciatic notch.

Just the other day, I discussed this very issue of sciatica and its root cause on the Egoscue Method Facebook Page. And, to top it all off, I gave you three exercises to help balance out your pelvis (and the upper body as well) and eliminate your sciatica pain! If you missed it, take 20 minutes and watch this episode of Egoscue LIVE! And then join me every Thursday at 2:00 EST for a new episode! (Click the picture below to watch the video!)

If you're looking for specific help to tackle your postural deviations, contact us today! Or, find the clinic that is closest to you. If you don't have a clinic in your area, you can work with us via Skype or FaceTime! You have no excuse to not eliminate your chronic pain.

QUESTION: How has sciatica impacted your life?

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