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Welcome to The Egoscue Method®, the world leader in non-medical pain relief. Congratulations on taking the initiative to living a pain free life!

With over 25 clinics worldwide, Egoscue helps thousands of people free themselves of chronic physical pain such as: TMJ; carpal tunnel; neck, back, knee and shoulder pain; and a plethora of other ailments. We help people of all ages regardless of their athletic background, while numerous professional athletes use this method to enhance their performance and extend their careers. Leave it in the hands of our trained Egoscue therapist to help you achieve a pain-free active lifestyle.

Atlanta Egoscue
Egoscue Atlanta, GA
5775 Glenridge Drive, NE #B260
Atlanta, GA 30328
888-394-2833 or 678-528-2393
Email: atlanta@egoscue.com

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:am-5:pm

Egoscue Atlanta, GA

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