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Spread Foot Forward Bend


How to Perform this E-cise™

  1. Stand with your legs spread wide, feet pointing straight ahead.
  2. Bend over forward and as you do, tilt your hips forward to help you bend.
    • Keep an arch in your low back throughout the e-cise.
    • Your hips should remain level; do not allow one to lift higher than the other.
    • Remember to keep your feet pointing straight ahead.
  3. Position 1: this is the beginning forward position. Hold as directed.
  4. Position 2: reach over to your left foot and hold.
  5. Position 3: reach over to your right foot and hold.
  6. Position 4: return to the beginning forward position and hold.

Fun Facts

This exercise stretches the adductors and hamstrings from a stabile pelvic position promoting proper lumbar function.
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